Haselbury Mill Wedding - Award Winning Wedding Photograph

Haselbury Mill Wedding

Yesterday's wedding at Haselbury Mill saw Dawn & Shaun tie the knot. Here's a quick teaser - one photograph of them before we ventured outside in to the awesome lightening storm and a 'Lion King' moment with a very cool baby!

Haselbury Mill Wedding
Lion King Photo with a Baby at Haselbury Mill wedding

wedding photographer hacienda de san rafael

Wedding at the Hacienda San Rafael - return to the furnace!

I'm so excited to be joining Naty & Callum this year at the Hacienda san Rafael just South of Seville in Spain, for what will be an amazing destination wedding. I photographed Nicole & Andrew's amazing wedding at the Hacienda last year and had such an amazing time. The light, the ambiance, the food, the wine and of course the rocking wedding party! You can see why Pippa Middleton chose Hacienda San Rafael for her 30th Birthday party! Here's one photograph from last year. Due to the awesome heat of the Spanish interior, weddings at the Hacienda san Rafael have to take place in the early evening, and the party goes on well in to the morning. This gave me some great opportunities to capture some really creative low light photographs.

Hacienda san Rafael - Destination wedding photographer at the Hacienda san Rafael - wedding photographer Seville, Spain