August 23, 2016

Countryside wedding at Stanton Manor

Photography in the fields during a wedding at Stanton Manor

A little moment in the fields with the bride and groom during their wedding at Stanton Manor in the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. During a wedding day I normally take the couple for creative portrait photographs during the day and sometimes then again in the evening when the light changes dramatically. This photo was actually taken at 8:15 at night! The evening summer light was kind to us and although the sun was setting over Stanton Manor, there was still enough light to give a gentle warm glow on their skin. There are some really fantastic opportunities for wedding photos at Stanton Manor with its gorgeous countryside charm, but none better than just kicking back in the long grass and watching the sun go down.

Summertime photography during a wedding at Stanton Manor near Chippenham in Wiltshire

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