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Huntsham Court Wedding Photographer

Liz & George's Wedding at Huntsham Court

Huntsham Court Wedding Photographer

I’m so excited to present highlights from Liz & George’s fabulous Huntsham Court wedding in the beautiful Devon countryside. Since meeting Liz & George for the first time (with George amusingly wearing a ‘Bride to be’ sticker) I fell in love with this duo. Liz told me that “their friends will be providing many good photo opportunities” and she wasn’t wrong. I journeyed down to Devon to join them photographing their wedding at the beautiful Huntsham Court.

Christmas time at Liz & George’s Huntsham Court wedding in Devon

Joining Liz and her bridesmaids in the morning in one of Huntsham’s gorgeous suites, we were spoiled with bright sunshine and blue skies pouring in through the window. Many of their guests had stayed over the night before and I found them around the house, enjoying breakfast in the pantry and lounging with coffee whilst reading the morning papers. There was a really relaxed feel which fitted in perfectly with the pre-Christmas holiday vibe. With a big Christmas tree and beautiful piano music welcoming their guests in to the main hall, they tied the knot surrounded by the love of their friends and family. After a great wedding breakfast they rocked the night away with an amazing ceilidh, courtesy of those brilliant musicians at the Lucy Lastic Band – perhaps we all got to see a little more of the Scottish contingent than we’d imagined we would (check out the dancing kilts!). …and I didn’t see the famous Huntsham Court ghost once! Enjoy! Rich x

The Huntsham Court wedding backstage team

Huntsham Court Wedding Photographer Rich Howman - Photograph of the Bride and Groom in the bar at the end of their wedding at Huntsham Court.
Huntsham Court Wedding Venue in Devon
Black and white photo of the bride getting ready before her wedding at Huntsham Court
Make-up artist working on a bride at Huntsham Court
Black and white photo of a bridesmaid looking at her mobile phone before a wedding at Huntsham Court
Top down view of the bride in her silk robe on her Huntsham Court wedding day
Sleeve detail of a wedding dress
Bridesmaids hand an envelope to the bride on the morning of her wedding
Bride holding a George the Fifth sixpence for her shoe
Reflection of the brides eye in a hand held mirror
Black and white back-lit photo of the bride with her wedding dress
Brides wedding rings made in to the shape of a funny face
Wedding dress in the sunshine with the bride getting ready in the background
Sign on the door of a room at Huntsham Court saying quiet baby sleeping
The groom and a bridesmaid laughing at a set of wedding instructions
Groom and his brother getting ready for his wedding
Striped socks on a striped rug
The boys doing up cufflinks prior to a wedding at Huntsham Court
Groomsman putting on a red tie for a wedding at Huntsham Court
Two men helping put on cufflinks at Huntsham Court
Brothers preparing for a Huntsham Court wedding with one teasing the other
Groomsmen lined up putting on their wedding flowers at Huntsham Court
Groom photographed reflected in three mirrors
Little girl pointing
Groom hugging his niece before his wedding
Hands playing a piano in the main hall at Huntsham Court wedding ceremony
Little bridesmaid sitting on a sofa in a suite at Huntsham Court
Bridesmaids helping the bride get ready by doing up her wedding dress at the back
Wedding dress train laying on an oriental carpet
Bride in her wedding dress from behind
Wide angle of the bride in her wedding dress at Huntsham Court
Laughing bride at Huntsham Court
Final adjustments to the brides wedding dress
Father of the Bride sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day
Brides Father embraces his daughter on her wedding day at Huntsham Court
Bridal party descending the stairs at Huntsham Court before her Christmas wedding
Groom waiting patiently with his brother before his wedding ceremony
Bride and Groom smiling at the readings during their wedding ceremony at Huntsham Court
A wedding guests watched the ceremony
Groom pushes the wedding ring on to the brides finger
The Brides is handed the grooms wedding ring at their Huntsham Court wedding
Newlyweds smiling and holding hands at their wedding in Devon
Bride and groom enjoy a reading during their wedding photography at Huntsham Court
Little bridesmaid smiling
A young bridesmaid pretends to sign the marriage register
The great hall at Huntsham Court wedding photographed by Rich Howman
The best man places a bridesmaids flowers on the grooms fathers head
Registrar reads the vows during a wedding photo story at Huntsham Court in Devon
The happy couple reflected in a mirror on their Huntsham Court wedding day
Wedding guests throw confetti captured by Huntsham Court wedding photographers
Bride dancing
A wedding baby looks in to the camera outside Huntsham Court as his parents laugh
Flower girl laying on her back with basket of confetti
Traditional wedding photography group portrait at Huntsham Court
Silhouette of the bride and groom against the Devon sky

Huntsham Court Wedding Photographer Rich Howman
Huntsham Court Wedding Photography
Huntsham Court Wedding Photographers

Huntsham Court Wedding Photographer

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Huntsham Court is an amazing wedding venue nestled in the Devon countryside. I absolutely loved photographing this awesome wedding in Devon and if you’re searching for amazing Huntsham Court wedding photography I’d love to hear from you! So please get in touch!