2018 Wedding Photography Highlights

It’s end of year highlights time! And what an insane year it’s been! Although it’s not over for me yet as I’m still working on culling and editing. Anyway, here’s a little tiny snapshot of an incredible year photographing weddings for some truly amazing couples.

From ‘Top Gun’ pilots to Vikings, ancient Italian Temples to soggy farmyards, tears of happiness to tears of farewell, it’s been an incredible year filled with some truly amazing people. To my clients; thank you for sharing you lives with me and trusting me with your memories. To my ‘photographer friends’, a big thank you for your help and creativity. I even published my first book! Here are my 2018 highlights. Enjoy! Rich xx

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I always say that Weddings are a ‘team event’, and I’ve been joined by some amazing photographers this year; Gabriela Matei, Emil Boczek, Claire Duggan, Marius Tudor, Christopher Francis, I’ve also prime and second shot alongside the amazing Sam Norman and Louise Adby