Two new Wedding Photography Awards – Fearless Photographers

I’m so excited to wake up this morning to TWO awards from ‘Fearless Photographers’! Huge thanks to Huy Nguyen and the judges at Fearless (Kelly Tunney, Aurora Lechuga & Mark Pawlyszyn). But most of all sending *hugs* to my lovely clients who feature in these photographs; Pip & David, and Caron & Shaun. The first photo (‘Dirty feet bride’) was taken during a wedding at the Folly Farm centre near Bristol and the second (‘In the trees’) in the grounds of the Centurion Hotel in Radstock.If you love stats there were 10,000 entries & just 123 awards for photographs! The Fearless awards were revealed during a live online critique last night and the transcript from the judges on my photographs can be read below.


Fearless Photographers judges’ comments
‘Dirty feet bride’
Huy: “This is a pretty amazing angle right”
Kelly: “Yeah”
Aurora: “Yeah”
Mark “Yeah”
Huy: “How it came together”
Kelly: “Again this is probably a good example of what I just said a second ago. This is my kinda bride. This is one that’s happy to get down and dirty and jump that fence and get the amazing shot that the photographer has in their mind, whatever it might be, you know. She’s absolutely filthy but even though she’s ever so feint in the background you can see the joy and the smile in her face, you know it’s the best day of her life. And she’s a filthy mess and she doesn’t care!”
Mark: “Yeah, well said. I also like how her face… I’m going to presume that this was a happy accident but who knows? Maybe the photographer was really that good. But I like how her head is kinda haloed by the light behind her. It would be very easy particularly as a black and white to loose her head, particularly the hair, in the darkness of the trees but you can clearly see her whole head, even though it’s not what’s in focus, which I think is pretty cool.”
Huy: “Ok”
Kelly: “Romantic”

‘In the trees’
Huy: “So Rich, in a sea of green”
Mark: “Yeah nice colours. It’s kind of like in-camera spot colouring. Which I’m not sure is a good thing or a bad thing but something I’ve done a lot of too. Your eyes really go straight to the subject.”