ISPWP – Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2016

The ISPWP Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2016

The International Society of Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) this morning announced it’s list of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the world for 2016. I am excited and humbled to even have made the list (placed at #35 in the world), and more so to be ranked #1 Wedding Photographer in the UK! Huge congratulations to all the amazing photographers who made the list. You can see the original ISPWP list here.

For a bit of fun I though it would be interesting to see who (in a totally non-scientific way),  was the top wedding photographer in each country (as not all wedding photographers work internationally), and also which countries did best overall. A sort of Olympic medal table for wedding photographers! This is a time to celebrate awards and achievements, but I feel it’s really important to remember that there are some truly great wedding photographers out there who aren’t listed, or who narrowly missed placement. But on to the winners…!

The ISPWP Best Wedding Photographers in the World (by Country) 2016

The ISPWP 2016 ‘Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the in the World’

From the top 100, here is the tip of the spear – the ISPWP’s top 10 wedding photographers in the world for 2016.
1st Place – Kemran Shiraliev, Moscow, Russia
2nd Place – Cafa Liu, Toronto, Canada
3rd Place – Cristiano Ostinelli, Lake Como, Italy
4th Place – Daniele Vertelli, Florence, Italy
5th Place – Fabio Mirulla, Florence, Italy
6th Place – Vinny Labella, Ibiza, Spain
7th Place – Vinci Wang, Fuzhou, China
8th Place – Andrea Corsi, Florence, Italy
9th Place – Emin Kuliyev, New York City, USA
10th Place – Benjamin Brette, Paris, France

The outright winner and ISPWP Best Wedding Photographer of 2016 was the amazing Kemran Shiralev from Russia. Interestingly there were only two Russian wedding photographers in the Top 100 (the other chooses to list herself in London). The Italian photographers led the field throughout the year so it was of little surprise to see the awesome and amazingly talented Cristiano Ostinelli, Daniele Vertelli, Fabio Mirulla & Andrea Corsi, dominating the top ten and pushing Italy in to a firm lead. There were surprises too. Germany with a population of 80+ million people only managed one photographer in the top 100 (Herzliche Glückwünsche Ciprian Biclineru!). The Netherlands, with a populaiton of around just 18 million, were only 3 photographers off a silver medal, which shows just how close the competition really is at the top and that creative talent isn’t necessarily borne from the huge nation states.

Top Wedding Photographers by Country

Here you can see the percentage of wedding photographers, by country, in the ISPWP Top 100 list. Wedding photographers from 21 countries were represented in the Top 100.

The Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2016 from the ISPWP

The ISPWP’s best wedding photographers in the UK

The best wedding photographers in the UK
Ok so I know I’m on this list but I want to pay homage to my fellow countrymen wedding photographers who worked so hard to achieve a place on the ISPWP’s list. And here they all are. As well as being in the top 100 list of Best Wedding Photographers in the World, this is how they’ve ranked within just the UK.

1st Place – Rich Howman
2nd Place – Adam Johnson
3rd Place – Rahul Khona
4th Place – Peter Farrell