Let’s be clear from the very start, Lauren & Rich don’t f**k about when it comes to training! You’re going to learn the techniques & methods that they use to deal with real-world challenges at weddings, as well their ethos and approach. Check out the itinerary below. We’re restricting the class to just 10 photographers as we don’t want to spread it too thin, and we need to get right under your skin.

WHEN: 26 March 2019 (the day before Fearless Conference starts)
WHERE: Bleiberger Fabrik, Aachen, Germany
WHO: Open to anyone attending Fearless Conference 2019
COST: £250 (Includes lunch)

Rich Howman & Lauren Brimhall - Aachen, Germany [Fearless Conference] 5


[flo_image_text image_url=”https://www.richhowman.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/LAuren.jpg” img_position=”left” img_width=”40″ ]LAUREN BRIMHALL

Ranked in the Top five Fearless Photographers of 2018 Worldwide, and tied for the most award-winning photographer in the United States in multiple organizations two years running, Lauren Brimhall has been a competition curator for Fearless Photographers (twice), Masters of Wedding Photography, This is Reportage, and Wedding Photography Select. Lauren’s feedback was also voted among the “most helpful” in a recent round of Fearless critiques. [/flo_image_text]

[flo_image_text image_url=”https://www.richhowman.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/rich.jpg” img_position=”left” img_width=”40″ ]RICH HOWMAN

With 150 international awards and counting, Rich will be delivering his keynote presentation “Warfare to Weddings” at Fearless Conference 2019 in Aachen. Rich has curated Fearless Photographers, Masters of Italian Wedding Photography, and The Fine Art Association of Brazil. With over ten years of training and instruction experience with the British Army, Rich has a relaxed instructional and teaching technique which will really inspire and push you. [/flo_image_text]


Rich Howman Fearless Conference Aachen



26th March

  • Welcome, hugs and coffee
  • Structured tutor-led critique of YOUR selected work (to be submitted beforehand).
  • Helpful shooting philosophies and tips
  • Lunch (included)
  • Practical ‘follow us’ shooting
  • Mentored shoot – session with models; we’ve lined up couples and children to teach you go-to solutions for squeezing the very best out of real moments and creative portraits. Real hands-on learning which you can take away and actually use and develop for yourself.
  • Low light shoot (evening); dynamic portraits and acing the dance floor.
  • Live editing; Lauren & Rich will show you how they edit their portfolio images using a handful of your images from the mentored shoot.

Rich Howman & Lauren Brimhall - Aachen, Germany [Fearless Conference] 6


Numbers are strictly limited to ensure Lauren and Rich can spend time with you and get the training burned into your head! Click below to reserve your place and we’ll see you in Aachen!