I’m often asked about my post production process for wedding photographs and what happens to the photos after your wedding, but before they’re delivered to you.

So what is Post Production? In a nutshell it’s the work which I do to your photographs after I’ve pressed ‘click’. The first stage is to select the useable and best images from the thousands I take on your wedding day. After this is complete the photos are sent off to the USA for a few weeks for basic skin tone colour correction – this is carried out by a hugely experienced Fine Art graduate using my carefully selected preferences. This gives me a good base from which to begin. They then come back to me to start my ‘main’ post production work. This includes a myriad of details including; exposure, white balance, saturation, contrast, cropping, colour balance and sharpening to get them looking just right. When this is complete I then create two versions of each photograph, one correctly optimised for use online (Facebook, email etc.) and a high resolution one which can be printed. The two versions of the images files are then burned on to a custom USB and placed in to a gorgeous little wooden box along with 20 of my favourite prints from the day, before being posted out to you.

I aim to get a ‘sneak peek’ of 10-20 images online with a few days of your wedding, with a ‘highlights’ gallery (around 100 pictures) available within 3 weeks, and finally the ‘complete’ collection within around 7 weeks.

The whole process is done by hand, and for each hour I’m with you on your wedding day around 4 hours is spent in post production afterwards. Samples taken before & after can be seen below. On the left is the photograph shown straight from the camera, and on the right the finished image after my post production is complete.

Before and after. Wedding Photography Post Production