November 9, 2018

The Last Role 3 – How to Save a Life | Photographs from the last Field Hospital in Afghanistan

It’s been more than 4 years since I captured these incredibly moving moments and I’m finally delighted to tell the story in my book of photographs; ‘The Last Role 3 – How To Save a Life’ AVAILABLE NOW. It includes 270 pages of photographs from the last Field Hospital to deploy to the war in Afghanistan during combat operations. Following the pre-deployment training of the UK, US and Danish Officers and Soldiers of OP HERRICK 20A & 20B and OP ENDURING FREEDOM at the Army Medical Services Training Complex (AMSTC) – near York, just days before they were saving lives in Afghanistan.

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The Last Role 3 Book Afghanistan British Army Field Hospital

You can reserve your copy below now. It is a numbered limited edition and so when reserving your copy please also send your Service number / details of Service when ordering please. I have been asked by a number of kind people to sign their copies, so if you would like me to do this for you then please indicate on your order. A small selection of some of the photographs published in the book can been seen on the slideshow below. Thanks, Rich

Your copy will be dispatched week commencing 3rd December 2018. Please allow a week for delivery and longer for UK Highlands, Islands and elsewhere in the world.

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Liz Formby

Wow Rich what a powerful story you tell of both the power and determination of man alongside the personal devastation of war!!

23:24 November 9, 2018

Neil Palmer

Being in the first unit into the new building in 2008 I can match many visual memories to your pictures.The pre deployment training has become so much better year on year as your pictures show on here.

09:59 November 13, 2018

Chelle Gibson

It's arrived 🤩 I am so excited to look through and see numerous familiar faces whom I had the pleasure of training and serving with!I actually feel a mix of emotions, pride for being apart of it is certainly up there. Such a wonderful keepsake, I could cry - infact I know I will looking through.Thank you Richard Howman for being apart of our journey and capturing it so perfectly. I applaud you x

19:18 December 13, 2018


Book arrived safely today. Just read through it now. First rate work as I knew it would be. Brings back a lot of emotions. An outstanding tribute to all who served and paid the ultimate price.

19:19 December 13, 2018


What an absolute joy and privilege to receive this fantastic tribute to all the US and UK Medical Group personnel of Operation Herrick 20. Thank you, Richard Howman (although some of my facial expressions leave a lot to be desired!) :)

14:43 December 14, 2018


Colin Patterson 19 hrs · This arrived this morning. I had the good fortune to meet Rich at QEB during pre deployment training. We were both RLC and shared a passion for photography, although he's at a level way better than I am. Looking through the book, it brought up a lot of emotions from my tours. For anyone who has had a connection with the AMS, deployed on any Herrick tours, or just appreciates good photography, I recommend this book very highly. A very fitting tribute to all those involved with the pre deployment training, and for those who went on to do the business.

14:51 December 14, 2018

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