We often get asked about wedding photography equipment; the kit, cameras and lenses we use to create our wedding images. For those of you who love photography and want an insight in to what equipment goes in our bag before a wedding shoot we thought we’d let you in on the secret here. Well, some of it 🙂

The most important element of shooting great images at weddings in actually behind the lens (apart from the subject – bride and groom and wedding guests, of course!). Absolute technical mastery of your equipment, a friendly and professional charicter, being in the right place at the right time and of course an inquisitive and creative mind. Blend those together with the right equipment and you’re on your way to making an image! …don’t even get me started on post-production – thats another essay altogether!

First of all we have four camera bodies available. On a wedding day we carry two professional camera rigs – one will be the Nikon D3s body and the other a Nikon D700’s (soon to be upgraded to Nikon D800‘s) as they’re fantastic performers in low light and are relatively lightweight so don’t break your neck/shoulders after 8 hours! This is absolutely critical. firstly as you simply cannot be in two places at once (so one rig each), and it provides an ‘insurance policy’ in case one of us drops it, and allows the shoot to continue without a hitch. As well as the 2 pro rigs, we also carry a third pro body, just in case. The lenses we use depend on where we are and what style we ‘re using; for us a reportage or fly on the wall approach to wedding photographs is achieved with prime lenses, or shooting with telephotos with a wide apature. We often keep a prime lens on one body and a telephoto on the other, that way we swap and change without fumbling about to switch lenses. This combination of fast/prime lens and superb low light bodies allows us the opportunity to capture just about anything we need to, in any situation that presents itself.

We choose to use Nikon Professional equipment. This is mainly historical – it’s what we’ve always used and what we’re familiar and comfortable with. We also like the way Nikon develop their products and the support offered to us as professional users. The choice of wedding photography equipment is vast, so we’re selective and only use the best kit from the best manufacturers.

Nikon D750 Body’s x 3
Nikon F2 (film) Body’s x 2

Nikon Lenses
50mm AF-S f/1.4 G
35mm f1.4 (Sigma Art)
85mm f1.4
14-24mm AF-S lens
24-70mm AF-S lens
70-200mm VR lens
105mm Macro / Micro lens
Other Wedding Photography Equipment
SB-910 Speedlights
Holdfast Camera Straps
Lowel GL-1 Light
Pocketwizard off camera flash controllers (Flex & TTL) x 4

Various reflectors
Various MagMod’s
Manfrotto Tripods (ball grip head)
Various Speedlight Stands
Peli cases and ThinkTank bags for all the kit
Shock cord (bungees) for attaching off camera flash to different objects around the venue. Perfect if you’re working in a wedding marquee or tipee!

There is a great article written on wedding photography kit on the Wedding Photojournalist Association website which is also well worth a read.